19 weeks pregnant symptoms

When you enter the 19 weeks pregnant, it means that you have almost half the trip containing a baby. Maybe you haven’t felt any movement from your baby, maybe this is the first month for you to feel something extraordinary. The 19th week may be the first time you experience baby movements.

19 Weeks Pregnant

The 19 weeks pregnant, the growth of baby organs is more complete and the right time if you want to do an ultrasound. Womb specialization will check your baby, whether he grows according to the schedule or not, so does the placenta, whether it is located well or not. Is the heart developing properly or healthy lungs or stomach. Everything you will see when doing an ultrasound, so it’s not just sex but more than that.

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In addition, in the 19th week you can also check up on whether the amniotic water is clean or cloudy and also about the sex of the baby, but in some cases you have to wait some more time to be able to clearly see the sex of your baby.

Changes In Your Body

During pregnancy, your body works hard to make a temporary home for your baby to live in. Many women experience fatigue in this second trimester. Pregnant women should consume a lot of healthy foods such as vegetables and fruits to supply a lot of energy for their bodies.

At the age of 19 weeks, you also feel body changes in terms of body weight due to the development of your baby that continues to increase. Your breast size also increases. In addition, dark lines can also occur in your stomach, you will see it like stretching from your belly button. This is normal and will disappear by itself when you have given birth later.

How Big Is Baby at 19 Weeks

At this time, the size of your baby reaches 6-7 inches and weighs about 6-7 ounces. The hair of your baby’s head starts to grow, their kidneys produce urine and everything will continue to grow.

In addition, soft hair covering the baby’s body also starts the body or is called lanugo. Likewise, with vermix caseosa, this is an oil substance that helps provide protection to babies during development in the uterus.

At the age of 19 weeks pregnant, a baby with an ovary around 6 million eggs have also been formed in a baby girl.

A 19-week pregnancy is 4 months and one week. That is, you have entered the second trimester or the beginning of the second trimester.

19 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

When you do an ultrasound check, the doctor will find out that a 19-week-old fetus has been protected by the skin by a substance called vernix caseosa. This is an oily and white substance, maybe you also see it at birth. In the 19 weeks pregnant symptoms, babies experiencing the development of their five senses including sensory nerve cells, vision, hearing, smell and others, all experienced the development in the baby’s brain.

The ultrasound examination that you do in the middle of your pregnancy, experts will see all the growth in your fetus including the spine, brain, and heart, all of which will be scanned to make sure everything is going normally. It’s amazing to see all of that up close. In fact, if you want to know the sex of the fetus, experts can also tell you about it.

Speaking of the 19 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound, of course not only this that needs to be known, but there are other things that you should pay attention to such as finding a good pediatrician or the one you like the most for giving birth. This is important because the first year of delivery you will need a lot of advice and meetings with your doctor.

Twin Baby Development in 19 Weeks

At the age of 19 weeks, your twin baby skin has been coated with a waxy substance called “vernix caseosa.” This substance works to protect the baby’s skin from wrinkles or from scratches that may occur in amniotic fluid.

19 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

The age of 19 pregnancies has begun to experience disorders but this is normal. Maybe only unpleasant symptoms, among the symptoms of pregnancy at this age are as follows:

1. Abdominal pain

Among the symptoms experienced at the age of 19 weeks pregnant is pain in the ligaments, this is caused by stretches of the muscles due to an increase in the size of the baby in the womb. However, I know all this when you check up. You don’t need to be afraid, because as long as it doesn’t cause internal symptoms, it’s still considered normal.

2. Headaches and dizziness

Dizziness is also one of the 19 weeks pregnant symptoms. Even, you women who faint when in this condition. So, if this happens to you, you are not alone, there are still many other women who experience it. Not a rare thing, but this is common.

Dizziness during pregnancy occurs because your uterus grows and grows and compresses blood vessels. Besides that, a baby that continues to grow also causes your lungs to become stuck so that it lacks oxygen. However, there are also external factors that cause you headaches or dizziness. This can be dehydration and mild hunger.

Therefore, pregnant women must maintain regular fluid and food intake. If you are dizzy, you can check blood pressure, anemia or preeclampsia.

3. Leg cramps

Foot cramps are also a common symptom in pregnant women, usually when the pregnancy is 19 weeks old. One way to get rid of leg cramps is to stretch your legs. You can stretch your legs straight and fold your knees, doing a few times. You can also ask your partner to massage your calf and back.

4. Hip pain

If you feel pain in the hips, try sleeping on your side and use a pillow between your knees. This kind of pain is also part of the symptoms experienced by pregnant women entering the 19th week.

5. Hair

At this stage, pregnant women also experience other unusual symptoms. This symptom is in the form of hair that was previously rather loose and rough. Usually, pregnant women at week 19 experience increased health of hair such as shiny and thick.

When You Have to Call Your Doctor

If you experience ligament pain after resting, you should ask your doctor for advice. Likewise, if you experience severe pain that lasts a long time. If you experience pain such as fever, bleeding, vomiting or vaginal changes, contact your doctor immediately.

One thing to always watch out for is headaches. Indeed, headaches are common in pregnant women but if the pain is different from the usual or severe, you should call a doctor. Also, ask your doctor about using painkillers or analgesics so you don’t use the wrong medication.