Are Grapes Good for Dogs

Are Grapes Good for Dogs – Most fruit can be eaten by dogs and can provide many benefits for dogs. The nutritional content of most fruits is equally beneficial for dogs and humans. But it’s different with wine. For humans, this fresh fruit is very tasty and safe to eat and provides a lot of nutrition, but for dogs grapes are poisonous and dangerous for them.

If you give grapes to dogs, your dog can get poisoned and even die from kidney failure. So, let’s find out why grape is dangerous for dogs.

Can dogs eat Grapes?

Grapes for humans provide many benefits, but not for dogs. Grapes are poisonous fruit for dogs. Unlike most other fruits which are sometimes beneficial and safe for dogs. The dangers of grape for dogs can sometimes make your dog kidney failure and death.

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Let’s take a further look at why grape is not good to feed to dogs, or harmful to dogs.

Are Grapes Poisonous to Dogs?

Is grape poisonous for dogs? Yes, grapes are a poisonous fruit that you should keep away from your dog. Even if he consumed grape, he could develop acute problems such as kidney failure and within 72 hours could die.

Why is grapes poisonous to dogs? In this case scientists have done a lot of research, but it is not certain what causes the dangers of grape to dogs. However, there are several possible assumptions that make this delicious, antioxidant-rich fruit dangerous to eat by dogs.

1. Fungus and Molds

The fungus or molds in grapes and raisins are said to be poisonous to dogs and should be kept away. There is research on many types of grapes and where they are grown, but no correlation with these fungi and molds.

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2. Grape seeds

Whether the poison comes from the seeds, apparently that’s not the case because grapes are also poisonous to dogs. So, the poison wasn’t from the grape seed.

3. Allergies

Dogs sometimes show allergies to vegetables including fruit. Until now there has not been sufficient evidence to show that allergies cause poisoning when eating grapes.

4. Pesticides

Researchers have made research on various types of grapes and the process of growing them. This is done to find out whether the dog’s poison when eating grapes is due to growing grapes that use chemical pesticides.

It turned out that the results showed that grapes planted with pesticides and those that did not use pesticides showed the same results (both poisonous).

5. Salicylate

Scientists think the aspirin content in grapes is what causes dogs poisoning. So, this is probably the reason. Indeed, in grape there is a content of aspirin either in the skin or in the pulp. So from this assumption, grape should be kept away from dogs because it is very dangerous.

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Are grape seeds poisonous to dogs?

Grape seed extract has been used as a joint inflammation medication for years and it does not show any signs of poisoning in dogs. Grape seeds are not absolutely safe, but so far the seeds are not the cause of poisoning when dogs eat grapes.

The side effects of grapes and the dangers of grapes for dogs vary, so veterinarians recommend not giving dogs any product from grapes. We do not know for sure, whether the dog was poisoned or not, because each dog has a different reaction.

What about grape juice, is grape juice harmful to dogs?

Grape juice is a drink that is processed from grapes and their skins. Because the raw material is grapes, grape juice is also categorized as a dangerous drink for your dog.

Not only is grape juice toxic to dogs, but all ripe grape products are also poisonous such as muffins, mixed juices, cakes, etc.).