Benefits Of Celery Juice

Usually, we use celery as a combination ingredient for a fresh juice. However, do you know if pure celery is good for health. You can make pure celery juice without interfering with other ingredients. The benefits can regenerate health and become a unique traditional medicine.

There are no restrictions for you, whoever you are and whatever your condition is now. Celery juice will be a beneficial drink for you. Here are some of the benefits of celery juice for healing your health.

1. Treating the Intestine

This green vegetable contains special nutrients in its leaves and fiber when juice. This nutrient is useful for promoting intestinal function because it acts as a laxative in the intestine. These nutrients will relax damaged nerves due to unhealthy lifestyles such as eating bad food or junk food.

In addition, the benefits of celery juice is to cool the intestinal wall and provide calm. Juice is very good for consumption by anyone, especially those who experience IBS, colon cancer, Crohn’s, etc.

The high content of sodium in celery is very useful for the absorption of nutrients in the body from the food you eat every day. Hydrochloric acid which functions to digest food can be increased due to high enzymes in celery. So, food in the intestine does not cause fermentation because it has been digested properly.

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Anthony Williams AKA Medical Medium states that celery is a food that can change alkaline intestines. Sodium which varies in celery juice works together to eliminate toxins in the body including poisons in the intestine. This will regenerate the health of your stomach. Anthony also added that consuming celery juice half a liter in the morning when the stomach is still empty can restore your digestive health in just a week.

2. The Bones Strengthens

Another benefit of celery juice is strengthening bones. Have you ever imagined that celery is similar to bone. The doctrine states that the shape or way of plants appears shows their function and benefits for such body parts. Look, is this a coincidence? Celery contains 23% sodium and human bones also contain 23% sodium. Is this a coincidence? Of course, I will answer “no”.

One high-calcium vegetable is celery, it is also high in silicon which functions to regenerate and strengthen damaged bones. In addition, celery is also high in vitamin K which is very important for the body’s metabolism and prevents osteoporosis.

Dr. Norman Walker, a vegetable juice pioneer, said that calcium is very well consumed in organic conditions. Organic food consumed after cooking will suppress calcium and turn into inorganic atoms. That is, it is insoluble in water and cannot supplement body cells with nutrients to regenerate body cells. So, making pure celery juice is the best way to get all these benefits.

Lack of sodium in food makes the body feel attracted to sodium from the bone. This will cause your bones to be weak and porous. Nature provides celery as an important food that helps humans to restore and strengthen the body’s skeleton.

3. Purifies The Blood Stream

Another benefit of celery juice is smooth blood flow. Coumarin is a component of celery which is useful for stimulating the activity of white blood cells and nourishing blood vessels. That is, this helps smooth the blood flow, purifies the blood and prevents or reduces blood pressure.

Many neurological diseases and blood system diseases due to inorganic elements and salts taken by the body in the form of dead products. The sodium content in celery also functions as a lymphatic smoothener and prevents it from happening in the area. Celery is a green vegetable that is rich in vitamins A, C, magnesium, and iron. Collaboration on some of these vitamins and minerals is good for rebuilding red blood cells and treating rheumatism, high blood pressure, arthritis, and anemia.

4. Removing Toxins from Body

The benefits of celery juice are also famous for its ability to remove toxins from the body and balance pH and neutralize acids in the body. This process will protect healthy cells, reduce heart risk, maintain bone density, and maintain normal body weight.

A combination of sodium and potassium makes celery a natural diuretic. That is, consuming celery juice can maintain body fluids, and increase urine production. The higher the frequency of urination, the greater the potential for toxins to be released from the body. In addition, celery also has the ability to remove calcium in joints through kidney organs.

So, the benefits of drinking celery juice are very great for general health, it will simplify digestion, cleanse organs, restore and detoxify the body.

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5. Celery Juice as Anti-Inflammatory

In celery, there are two special compounds, polyacetylene, and luteolin. Thanks to this content, celery is a storehouse for anti-inflammation.

Polyacetylene is a bioflavonoid which functions to inhibit the effects of certain enzymes to activate inflammation. A study conducted by the Journal of Nutrition showed that brain cells affected by flavonoids from celery showed a massive reduction in inflammation.

Luteolin is a high antioxidant that is beneficial to fight free radicals and reduce DNA damage due to inflammation. Polyacetylene is also one of the best substances to fight inflammation. They reduce the level of inflamed tissue.

So, the benefits of celery juice to reduce symptoms associated with arthritis, heart disease, osteoarthritis, Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, cancer, gout and more are tremendous.

Tip: Celery is a young vegetable that is often treated by spraying chemicals. So, look for organic celery that is free of pesticides, or you can grow your own from your home garden.