Essential Oils for Constipation

Constipation is a health problem that often occurs. Many people ignore constipation so it lead to serious health problems. Only a few people take this problem with essential oil. There are special essential oils to solve digestive problems, also called essential oils for constipation. If you are one of the constipation narrators, do not close this page before all of your information is absorbed.

Constipation is very dangerous because if it is not treated it can turn into a serious illness. Among the problems that occur due to constipation is flatulence, intestinal pain, irregular waste disposal can even cause colorectal cancer.

While constipation itself is caused by many factors. These include consumption of certain drugs, unhealthy diets, consuming alcohol, hormonal disorders, infections of the large intestine and due to lack of fluid in the body. If you experience severe constipation, then consult with a doctor to get first aid. However, to inhibit or treat mild constipation you can try essential oils for constipation.

9 Essential Oils for Constipation That Work

Treating constipation with essential oils is very easy. Get one type of essential oil below to treat your constipation.

1. Ginger Oil

We know ginger oil is a traditional spice that is often used to overcome the problem of removing gas, stomach or nausea. However, other benefits of essential ginger oil can treat constipation, even one of the effective remedies for digestion. Ginger oil can release gas that is clogged and can overcome clogged digestion. Here’s how to make herbs.

Add 3-4 drops of ginger oil to your glass of ginger tea, if you have serious problems. Take this drink twice a day. If you drink regularly, your discharge will return to normal.

2. Fennel Oil

Fennel is a herb known for its strength in curing digestion. Already thousands of years ago Fennel was believed to be a drug to stimulate digestive health. Usually, To get this benefit, the fennel seeds are chewed before the meal. Fennel oil is a high concentration of oil and is useful for calming the stomach, stimulating peristalsis and making it easier for you to get rid of feces.

The method is not the same as other oils, it is not taken orally but is applied to the stomach after it is mixed with a carrier oil. A few moments later this oil will be absorbed and begin to recover your problem.

3. Black Pepper Oil

Black pepper oil is very good anti-inflammatory and stimulant. This oil works by breaking down the gases in the stomach, intestines and accelerating the movement of dirt so that it is easy to eliminate constipation.

Black pepper oil can be added to the dish, quite a bit because of its high concentration. It can also be done by adding a little oil to your food plate.

4. Peppermint Oil

Peppermint essential oil is useful as an antispasmodic, it functions for intestinal tension due to gas blockage. Because it is relaxed and anti-inflammatory, it can provide comfort to the intestines and help smooth your constipation.

How to consume it is to add 2-3 drops of peppermint oil into warm water. Then drink every time you want to sleep and wake up. Its usefulness is to make your body return to normal all the time. One of the things that bother you is constipation.

5. Turmeric Oil

Furthermore, the essential oil for constipation is turmeric oil. It is high in antioxidants and functions as a body stimulant including digestion. Even small amounts of turmeric oil can balance gastrointestinal bacteria and increase nutrient uptake. In turn, it provides relief from digestion and overcomes complications.

How to use turmeric oil is to add a few drops to your food. So, it not only provides medicinal benefits but also adds to the taste of food.

6. Sweet Basil Oil

On the next list essential oil for constipation, there are basil essential oils. It has long been used to soothe troubled stomachs such as releasing gas and relieving pain. As a traditional medicine, sweet basil oil serves to relieve pain due to constipation and facilitate bowel movements.

One way to use basil oil is to add it to the food plate. But it can also be added to your bath water. Then soak in it for 30 minutes. This is an external medicine, the nature of recovery will be felt when absorbed by the skin.

7. Marjoram Oil

In the world of traditional medicine, Marjoram oil is known as a laxative whose use is to stimulate physical motion and normalize your body’s functions. However, it should be noted not to use it too often. One more thing, Marjoram essential oil is for treatment not to prevent constipation.

How to use is usually added to foods such as soup or stew. But there is also a way to use it in inhalation uaps. So, aromatic compounds from this oil can stimulate digestion. This is amazing!

8. Lemon Oil

Furthermore, the essential oil for constipation is lemon oil. This is one of the best treats for constipation. It contains high amounts of limonene and antioxidants which work to improve and relieve constipation.

How to use it is by inhaling lemon oil because it has a therapeutic effect. This effect then stimulates bodily functions. There are also those who try by mixing it with a carrier oil such as olive oil and massaging it in the stomach.

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9. Rosemary Oil

Rosemary oil is also popular with its stimulant effects on the digestive system. It stimulates intestinal performance to increase blood flow with new oxygen so that the stomach reacts. It also provides the benefits of peristalsis and stimulates normal contractions in the digestive tract.

How to use it is to add about 5 drops to herbal tea. You can also rub the rosemary oil on the stomach topically.


Essential oils for constipation provide good benefits and quickly respond to problems that occur. However, in some cases it sometimes affects allergies and indigestion in certain patients. However, if after trying essential oils you have not felt the benefits like stool has not come out for several days. We advise you to consult with a doctor.