Foods To Eat When Hungover

Hungover is a response to karmic after you drink alcoholic beverages. Maybe this is the worst time for you when you wake up from your temporary death. Drunk makes you not know good and bad even you will fall helplessly on the road, even in a ditch. Don’t mess with this, getting drunk has made you worse than a dog or pig. So, don’t practice this in your life. You can just have a party with your friends, but try serving healthy food and drinks to enliven your event.

But, if your night has passed and you are drunk, you can heal and restore your body balance with some food to get drunk. Your body is currently chaotic, unbalanced. You may not provide food supplies carelessly. However, there are a number of healthy foods that need to be consumed when hungover to quickly restore body awareness and balance. When you are drunk and unconscious, your body needs several substances such as amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. They will destroy the rest of the liquor in the body. Some foods to eat when you drunk.

The Ultimate Foods to Eat When Hungover

1. Avocado

Avocado is best for hungover

Avocados are a healthy fruit that is packed with potassium, it is useful for relieving dizziness and muscle weakness. While vitamin B6 is useful for recovering vitamins lost in the body and supplying fiber which is useful to help the process of removing waste and toxins in the body. The benefits of avocados will be more effective when you attach them with cilantro leaves and consumption in the morning as the delicious food that provides healing.

2. Bananas

Banana Foods To Eat When Hungover

The next is banana, this is a thousand benefits fruit that will break the remaining beverage drinks in your body. In addition, bananas are foods classified in the BRAT diet (banana, rice, applesauce, and toast). Bananas are prescribed as food for those who experience bloated in the stomach. It is also very good for removing hungover because it is rich in fiber.

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3. Salmon

Foods for Hungover

These are very famous fish with the high content of omega 3 fatty acids. In addition, these freshwater fish are also rich in vitamin B12 which functions as a supplier of energy, and salt. This will cure sodium levels in the body. In addition, salmon is a fish rich in vitamin C and vitamin B. Both are very good for improving the nervous system and the immune system. Drunks will experience a lack of energy and weakness, consuming salmon is very good for curing hungover.

4. Consuming eggs

Foods To cure Hungover

Best foods to eat when hungover is the egg. This is a nutrient-rich food that everyone should always consume. If you want to get calcium, vitamin D is useful to help digestion, acetylcholine, the neurotransmitter that wrecked by alcohol. Also, egg contains vitamin B12. These foods also contain amino acid cysteine which destroys harmful acetaldehyde produced by ethanol and Taurine. Fry a few eggs for consumption but if you are afraid of fat, you can cook eggs with other recipes.

5. Drink tea

Tea is famous as a drink that can cure colds. Whereas, the benefits of drinking tea are not only that, but tea is also good for curing drinks (drunk). Green tea contains catechins which are good for maintaining liver function. While the content of ginger and peppermint is useful for reducing nausea and inflammation of the stomach.

6. Beans

You certainly regret that after last night of drinking liquor, your feelings are now very bad and you are very sorry, but you will return to doing the same thing next time, this is your stupidity. But if you experience a bad feeling after hungover, then you need to try food to eat when drunk.

Beans is an extraordinary food to eat when hungover because it is can eliminate and break down alcohol, supports liver function, eliminates cramps and pain and stabilizes heart rhythms.

7. Coconut Water

Foods to cure Hungover

There are other drinks that can overcome the problem of motion sickness, this is coconut water. Not only cool, but this drink also gives you potassium, electrolytes, and low sugar. If you buy packaged coconut water, you should read the ingredients.

8. Soup

Foods To Eat for Hungover

The chicken noodle may be very popular in childhood. Now maybe a bowl of salty soup can be an option for you. Miso Soup is very good for recovering the body’s sodium and giving you a supply of fluids. If you like to eat poultry noodles, then chicken is the best choice because it gives a healthy dose of cysteine. Other foods that are very suitable are tomato bisque because one of the benefits of tomatoes is improving liver function, and contains electrolytes and potassium.

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9. Veggies: Beets, Broccoli and Spinach

Broccoli is an important vegetable if you are drunk. Don’t just buy broccoli for your dog, but it’s important for your health. Your dog can consume the rest on your plate, but headaches from drunkenness cannot heal because dogs eat broccoli. Ok, besides broccoli you can also consume beet and spinach. Beet can restore energy through nitric oxide, giving folic acid and potassium. While spinach is rich in nutrients such as vitamin C, folic acid and sulfur, all of which are useful for hungover. [read also: sweet potato health benefits]