How to Get Gum Out of Hair

How to Get Gum Out of Hair, do you like chewing gum? or maybe your friend or sister often chews gum. It might be very annoying when you find gum sticks in your shoes or clothes, especially if this is happening to your hair. How do you get rid of gum from your hair?

If you are looking for a solution for this, you are on the right path because we will show you some methods on how to remove gum from hair. Check out this article until it’s finished!

What should you avoid when you find a candy bar in your hair?

If you see gum about your hair, your sister’s hair, about your pet’s fur, don’t take it quickly by hand. If you take it by hand, the gum will spread and cause more sticky hair. So, don’t remove gum by hand.

What should you do immediately?

If you get your hair exposed to gum, wrap it immediately so it doesn’t hit other hairs. You can wrap it with aluminum foil and this is the best material you can use because it is not sticky and easy to fold.

If you have isolated your hair, it is time to find a solution to move or get rid of gum in the hair. Maybe you need an old shirt or an old towel and you also need a strong comb. See the following method for removing chewing gum.

Ways on How to Get Rid of Gum from Hair

Method 1: Peanut Butter

One way to get rid of gum is with peanut butter. This is quite popular and is a solution for you:

  • Take a little creamy peanut butter
  • Laburi peanut butter with gum in your hair and fully dressing evenly in the cracks of your hair. The best tool for this is your finger, but you can also use a brush.
  • Let stand a few minutes until the peanut butter hardens slightly and makes the gum also harden and not sticky anymore.
  • Then, carefully remove the gum from the hair, you can slowly pull it with your finger or you can use a comb. Do it carefully.

Method 2: Ice Cubes

Furthermore, an effective way to remove gum from your hair is to use ice cubes. Here’s how!

  • Take a small number of ice cubes, and rub on gum, do it repeatedly and evenly distribute all parts of the gum.
  • The ice cube will harden the gum and allow you to break it in small pieces.
  • As soon as the gum hardens, it may take about 15 minutes, you should now be able to pull away little by little gum from your hair.

Method 3: Oil

Using oil is one of the tricks for removing gum easily from hair. For this, you can use any oil including cooking oil, sesame oil, coconut oil or olive oil.

Why is oil? because the oil can neutralize the stickiness including the result of gum. It is best to get rid of gum in your hair because it does not damage your hair. Wet your fingers with cooking oil and wipe on gum, do it evenly and let stand for a while.

  • Rub gum with oil, wait a minute
  • Add the oil to the gum and complete the gum with oil
  • Let the oil sit for a few minutes to neutralize the thickness.
  • Remove gum from the hair, use a comb or toothbrush

Method 4: Using Vaseline

Another way to get rid of gum from your hair is vaseline. For good results, use vaseline on really dry hair.

  • Take vaseline and rub it on gum
  • When you give vaseline, the gum should be loosened, this will also facilitate your work in removing gum. Use a toothbrush or a hair comb.

Method 5: Baking Soda

There are some people who say that gum can be easily removed using baking soda.

  • Make baking soda into pasta by adding a little water and baking soda to the bowl,
  • This is so that you can remove the gum with your finger, coat the baking soda paste with gum.
  • The baking soda will harden and neutralize the thickness of the gum. Eventually, it will be easy to remove the gum from your hair.

Method 6: Hair Mousse

Next, how to get rid of gum from your hair is to use a hair mousse. Here’s how:

  • Hair mousse is one effective way to remove gum from the hair,
  • Spray on hands or directly into the hair affected by gum, but be careful not to get into the eyes,
  • This product usually makes it easy for you to remove gum from your hair, help with a comb or toothbrush.

Method 7: Toothpaste

Toothpaste also makes it easy for you to remove gum from the hair. Use toothpaste with your fingers,

  • After smearing toothpaste with gum, leave the toothpaste to harden,
  • If it’s dry, now you can easily remove and pull gum from the hair,
  • To help, try using a toothbrush or comb.

Method 8: Rubbing Alcohol

In addition to using toothpaste, alcohol also helps you get rid of gum.

  • The alcohol that is rubbed on gum will neutralize the stickiness,
  • Pour a little alcohol on the hair with gum,
  • Let stand a few minutes and try to gently pull the gum.