How To Get Gum Out Of Clothes

You like to chew gum but are afraid to get it on your clothes. You don’t need to worry about sticky candy on your clothes or clothes. We have several ways to get rid of sticky gum on your shirt. We will open the secret of cleaning gum on your clothes.

This is a scary problem, but if you know, you can use home-based ingredients to clean the gum. There are many ingredients at home that can be used to get rid of gum in your clothes. Maybe it’s simple but few know. So we call this a secret from home.

How To Get Gum Out Of Clothes

1. Using ice

One of the best ways to remove gum from clothing is to use ice. You only need to rub the ice on the part of the clothing that is exposed to gum. Wait a few moments, then you can remove the gum with a knife, carefully do it with a knife, this is an easy and simple way.

2. Hairspray

In addition to using ice, hairspray can also be a solution to remove gum from clothing. This material contains alcohol and a polymer that works to separate gum from your clothes. After giving hairspray, you can remove gum easily, use a knife to facilitate your business.

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3. Using alcohol and duct tape

Rubbing alcohol on the part of the clothing affected by gum can also remove gum easily. Did you know that chewing gum is made from polymer and water repair. So by rubbing alcohol, you can easily separate the gum from the clothes. Rub alcohol on gum and remove it using duct tape.

4. Hot iron

This is magical and may never be imagined. Hot iron turns out to help to get gum out or get rid of gum from your clothes.

The hot iron is the right choice for this method. But you have to do it carefully. Place the paper (not plastic) on the gum, then place a hot iron or hot iron on the paper. Leave a few moments and pull or remove sticky gum on your clothes.

Those are four easy ways on How To Get Gum Out Of Clothes. Now you don’t need to be afraid to chew gum again because you already know how to get rid of it when sticky.