How To Get Rid Of Upper Back Fat

Is your back fat embarrassing? Don’t worry, as long as you want to practice and try a few tips below, you will successfully get rid of upper back fat. In this article, we will show you several ways on how to get rid of upper back fat. Then read on this article to prove that you can reduce fat accumulated in your upper back.

Reducing back fat is not as difficult as you think, the most important thing is the willingness and principle in your program. Doing exercises that have a direct effect on destroying back fat is the best way you need to do it. In addition, you need to consume healthy foods with the right amount such as reducing fat, calories, sugar and adding fibrous foods. To be clearer about how to remove upper back fat, see this article.

There are at least 4 ways to get rid of upper back fat that you learn. Among them are doing exercises, changing the daily diet, changing lifestyles and consuming the right food in the right amount.

Exercising to Reduce Back Fat

1. Increase the duration of cardio training

Back fat occurs as a result of muscle loss and body fat accumulation, making it rather difficult to get rid of. So, to speed up losing back fat you have to increase the duration of cardio training. You can start from a small exercise by adding 5 minutes and 10 minutes a week. If you can’t increase training time, increase the intensity of the exercise such as speeding up the road or running to trigger faster burning of body fat.

  • Every cardio training session is at least 20 minutes long,
  • Make sure you can increase your heart rate. To burn more fat, your heart rate must be higher than 60% of the maximum heart rate you can maintain. The longer you can keep your heart rate high, the more calories you will burn in your body.
  • You can walk, run, and kickboxing, this is the best cardio exercise you have to do to get rid of back-back fat.

2. Perform a T raise to train middle back muscles.

To do this exercise, stand with both feet open as wide as your two shoulders. Hold a dumbbell weighing 1 kg or 1.5 kg in each of your hands and stretch your hands on the side of the body.

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Bend your knees slightly and your waist, so that your chest is almost parallel to the floor position. Then, rotate your hands and unite the dumbbell in front of your body. Remember, your arms remain in a straight position, lift the dumbbell up to your shoulder height and lower it back to its starting position.

  • Do 2 sets of 15 times rep for each of these exercises to get used to movement and also getting strength in your body’s connective tissue.
  • If you want to build muscle, you will gradually have to add weight on your hands (dumbbell)
  • When your movements begin to feel easy, then add a few pounds to lift. If the weight is getting heavier, you can reduce 7 to 10 reps in a set and increase the set to 3 or 5.
  • It should be noted in this exercise that the abdominal muscles (ABS) are always moving throughout your workout. It is good for protecting your back.

3. Perform a single-arm row, exercises for the shoulders and back

The trick is to hold the dumbbell in your hand. Stand with your legs about the size of your hips and bend your waist slightly so that your body is level with the ground. Then, lift it freely in the hand (dumbbell) by bending your elbows, and lower the load back down, this has finished one rep, do at least 10 reps for one hand, then exchange with the other hand. Continue with the second rep.

  • Use heavy dumbbells, and this will feel challenging to do it for 10 or 15 times in a row.
  • Repeat and set to 3 or 15. Add weight weights and reduce the number of repetitions to 8 or 12 times. Do as many as 3-4 sets, this exercise will build the size of your muscles.

4. Shoulder muscle training to increase delt

The trick: Stand with your feet as wide as your hips and knees slightly bent, and bend your waist too so that your body is almost parallel to the floor. Your hands hold a dumbbell weighing 2.5 to 4.5 kg in each hand. Your hands face each other. Then, the elbow is bent and concentrated on the back muscles to increase shoulder height.

  • This exercise is done 3 sets with 10 repetitions.

5. Raise your arms during a plank

This starts by adjusting the position of the body like a board. Your feet are stretched backward by resting on your toes. Both hands must be under the shoulder and support your body. Then, lift one hand aside and keep the body in its position without moving. Then, return the hand to its original position and replace the exercise with one more hand. Repeat this exercise.

This exercise is done 10 times for each hand. So, everything reaches 20 repetitions. How long you can last, of course varies. The most important thing is to keep your position unchanged when you raise your hand.

If you need another challenge, hold yourself in the position of the board with one hand for 5 seconds before you switch the other hand.

6. Do get some pushups

Furthermore, How To Get Rid Of Upper Back Fat is to do a few pushups. How to: Extend it to the back by resting on the ends of your feet. While hands under arms with arms straight down. Then, start bending your elbows slowly until your chest almost touches the ground. Elbows are brought close to the body and press your armpit muscles. Do it 10 times to 15 times.

If you can’t do pushups, try doing something a little different. Do pushups on your knees. Still in the same position but your knees pressing the floor with your feet to the sky. Your arms are in the same position as when you are in normal pushups. When you lower your body, shake your knees.

7. Increase the difficulty of training by increasing the burden on your hands

If your exercise feels light with the load, add your burden. You can add 1 or 2 pounds, this is 0.45 to 1 kg. This weight must give you many challenges and difficulties and you must fight it.

Changing Your Diet

1. Stop alcoholic drinks

Did you know that alcohol can really increase the number of calories in the body? If you are a heavy drinker then reduce alcohol and if you are not a heavy drinker, stop drinking alcohol. If you want to get rid of upper back fat then stop alcohol.

Apart from alcohol, you should avoid fruit juice, soda or beverage drinks that have been mixed with daiquiris or margaritas.

2. Avoid sugar and processed foods

Processed foods have been added to sugar and empty calories and nutrients so that nothing is beneficial to your body unless it tastes just like that. High-sugar foods such as soft drinks, baked goods, and other junk foods. So, avoid these foods as much as possible from your life.

  • If you like to consume soft drinks, try flavored seltzer water,
  • If you crave baked goods, such as brownies, cakes, eat a piece of sweet fruit. Eating apples, oranges, and berries are healthier and lower in calories.

3. Choose good carbohydrates for your food

To carry out its function, the body needs carbohydrates, but if it’s wrong you can add a large portion of body fat. Try replacing white potatoes with sweet potatoes. Replace bread and pasta with wheat. Good carbohydrates can also be found in bananas and corn.

  • You have to consume 225 carbs up to 325 grams per day. This is the total amount of all the food you eat.
  • Reduce the amount of bread you eat, rice and pasta. This aims to reduce the amount of calorie intake.

4. Choose foods with lots of fiber

Fiber is useful to keep you full, so you don’t want to eat a lot. Among the best sources of fiber are oatmeal, rye, vegetables such as broccoli, shallots, beans, carrots, and lentils. So, put this food in your daily diet, it can help get rid of your back fat.

How much fiber per day?

If the fiber is one of the important minerals to get rid of upper back fat, what is the size of daily fiber that must be fulfilled?

If you are a woman aged 50 and under, then the fiber you have to consume is 25 grams (0.88 oz) of fiber per day. But if you are above 50 years old, you must consume 21 grams (0.74 oz) of fiber per day.

If you are a man with 50 or under, you should get a supply of fiber as much as 38 grams (1.3 oz) of fiber per day. If you are above 50 years old, the fiber you must consume is 31 grams (1.1 oz) per day.

5. Running a healthy diet

A healthy diet that is run every day can help you keep body fat normal. Among the healthy foods that you have to eat are lean protein, fruits, low-fat dairy products, healthy fats, whole grains, and vegetables.

  • To lose weight and get rid of upper back fat, make sure you consume fewer calories than you burn.
  • If you set your own diet, then consider health problems in totality.

For example: If you have high blood pressure, your food must be low in salt. Similarly, if you experience diabetes, your food must be low in sugar.

Changing Your Lifestyle

Next, how to get rid of upper back fat is to change your lifestyle. Style also plays a role in shaping your body, so consider the explanation below.

1. Sleep for 8 hours or 10 hours a night

To recover, the body needs to rest for 8 hours or 10 hours a night. If you sleep less than 8 hours a night, then the next day you will not have much energy to exercise and burn calories. To sleep well, put all electronic items 30 minutes before going to bed, make sure your room is dark and cold.

2. Prepare food before work

If you have the nature of not like cooking after working all day, then before work you should have prepared your food so that after work you just take the food that has been made. But make sure that your food is healthy.

If you have time on weekends, try to spend several hours cooking healthy foods such as vegetables, healthy carbohydrates like quinoa, or sweet potatoes. Alternatively, you can bake sweet potatoes, or grilling and burning your favorite protein, and enjoy on weekends.

3. Track your food intake

Try tracking your food during the day, in the morning or at night. Usually, this will make you eat a little because you do not want to write it on the list of foods you spend.

This can also be a benchmark when you eat bad food or eat large amounts of food. Evaluate your journal to find out what foods should be added and deducted.

4. Eat 3 hours before going to bed

Dinner must be fast and 3 hours before going to bed. If you are late for dinner, then your body does not have time to process food so that the food will be converted into fat.

So, pay close attention to this lifestyle, if you want to get rid of back fat, consume food 3 hours before going to bed at night.