honeysuckle essential oil

One of the essential oils that have many health benefits is honeysuckle. Among the benefits of honeysuckle essential oil are calming headaches, removing toxins from the body, stabilizing blood sugar, treating inflammation, strengthening hair, keeping the skin from disease, also useful as aromatherapy oils and even used in various cosmetic brands. Honeysuckle essential oil also has side effects, especially if used inappropriately. Among the side effects that may occur are skin irritation, lack of blood sugar, so it is strongly recommended to use it at the doctor’s recommendation or their agreement.

This essential oil is produced from a flower called “honeysuckle” and it has been used as a traditional health medicine more than 1400 years ago in the world of Chinese medicine. The honeysuckle plants are said to have a range of up to 200 variants, but among them generally contain almost the same chemical composition. But the honeysuckle flowers used as raw materials are from three types of honeysuckle, these are European honeysuckle, Blue honeysuckle, and Japanese honeysuckle.

The extraordinary health benefits of Honeysuckle essential oil are found thanks to the various minerals in it such as quercetin, potassium, vitamin C, and very high antioxidants. Here we see some of the benefits of honeysuckle oil for health.

Benefits and Uses of Honeysuckle Essential Oil

The use of honeysuckle essential oil is usually in those who experience conditions such as inflammation, hair loss, skin irritation, skin wrinkles, diabetes, headaches, stress, anxiety, or depression.

Honeysuckle Essential Oil Health Benefits

1. Prevents Chronic Diseases

Honeysuckle oil is associated with its ability to reduce oxidative stress which is a major cause of chronic diseases such as cancer and others. Free radicals are the cause of normal cell damage in the body, but this oil can reduce this damage. Because of this similar ability, honeysuckle oil is widely used in the skin to eliminate wrinkles, black spots and it is useful to attract blood cells to the surface of the skin so as to maintain skin rejuvenation.

2. Get rid of headaches

Thanks to the high anti-inflammatory content, honeysuckle oil is useful for reducing headaches. You can use this oil with a diffuser or by topically applying it to your temples. In just a few minutes, the throbbing headache will disappear.

3. Prevent diabetes

It has been proven that honeysuckle essential oil can improve blood sugar and help increase insulin in the body. thus speeding up the process of digesting sugar or transforming sugar into energy. When the body can regulate glucose and insulin levels properly, the body can prevent excess sugar and lack of sugar in the blood (body). The right use of honeysuckle essential oil is moderating and of course you should get your doctor’s approval if you are in medical treatment.

4. Eliminating chronic pain

One of the properties in honeysuckle essential oil is analgesic, meaning it works to heal body aches. Among these diseases are a pain due to surgery, wounds, chronic diseases. The method of treatment is very easy, you can simply inhale honeysuckle oil or use it in your bathtub.

5. Haircare

In honeysuckle oil, it is believed that there are certain compounds that are useful for treating hair. This is very good for preventing split ends, dry hair or broken hair. The trick is to add a few drops of this oil to your shampoo. After using the honeysuckle oil on your hair, you will feel a more elegant and brilliant appearance.

6. Repairing Mood

Honeysuckle essential oil is a popular herb among patients and health experts related to mood. It functions as a mood balancer and relieves stress. The sweet aroma that comes out of honeysuckle is known to be good for relieving stress and stabilizing moods.

7. Caring for the skin

As we mentioned earlier, honeysuckle essential oil is one of the raw materials for making cosmetics and beauty ingredients.

Its use on the skin can soothe skin inflammation, irritation, get rid of pigmentation and prevent acne. Not only that, but honeysuckle oil is also useful to prevent treating eczema, psoriasis, and other skin diseases.

8. Improve the digestive system

Honeysuckle essential oil has the ability to kill bacteria and pathogens in the body, so it is claimed to be able to improve the intestine and healthy the digestive system. That is, using honeysuckle oil is very good for relieving bloating, constipation, cramps and other digestive disorders. A healthy intestine will also promote optimal nutrition.

9. Maintain oral health

Adding a little honeysuckle oil to mouthwash can optimize the work of mouthwash in cleaning the mouth. Its ability to kill bacteria causes the mouth to smell free and fresh throughout the day. Well, for benefits like this, you only need to add a little honeysuckle oil to the mouthwash, and this should not be swallowed because it can interfere with digestion.

10. Stress Releases

To relieve stress, add 4 or 5 drops of honeysuckle essential oil to your bathtub. This will produce a pleasant aroma, eliminate bacteria, stretch muscles and clear your mind.

Side Effects of Honeysuckle Essential Oil

In addition to the great benefits for health, honeysuckle oil also has side effects, especially if its use is not on target. The following side effects might occur.

1. Diabetes

For those of you who have taken medication to lower blood sugar, it is not recommended to use honeysuckle oil because it is feared that it can reduce sugar drastically.

2. Pregnant women

Honeysuckle oil stimulates menstruation and bleeding, so it is strictly forbidden for pregnant women to use it. If you are urged, you should consult with your doctor first.

3. Skin irritation

This might also happen to you. Using honeysuckle oil topically on the skin is sometimes prohibited, especially if you see irritation or redness on your skin. So, before using large amounts on the skin, try using it in small quantities first. If there is an adverse effect, it is safe for you.