Kelly Clarksons Weight Loss

As a beautiful woman who managed to lose weight, she is Kelly Clarkson. The entertainment industry is in an uproar because of her success. Kelly Clarkson weight loss until 37-pounds. In her efforts to lose weight, she received full support from her friends, family, and people closest to her. How can she lose weight? Continue to keep this article finished.

Ok, indeed there are many things that affect someone whose success in losing weight such as in Ariana Grande diet. But, the important thing is you should not punish yourself in losing weight. Why? Because losing weight is something that needs to be enjoyed, you have to pass it slowly and little by little. Actually, this is something beautiful if you know what the steps are.

Who Is Kelly Clarkson?

Before we review more about Kelly Clarkson Weight Loss, let’s see who it is? Kelly Clarkson is a famous singer and songwriter in 2002. She came out as a singer through her victory in American Idol.

In everyday life, little Kelly is fiercely fierce, funny and unique compared to other friends so she is known among her friends. The emergence of her in the world of entertainment is not only her desire but also represents all of their dreams, she must fight hard to be able to achieve her dream, become the belle of the world of military industry.

In 2004 she won two Grammy album “Breakaway”. She grew up on a journey to pursue dreams, we remember she sang loudly in her songs. Ok, regarding the weight loss, let’s look further.

Why Did Kelly Clarkson Gain Weight?

As a matter of fact, her body weight has nothing to do with her voice or with the song that was sung. But as a celebrity, she must pay attention to her appearance. Appearance is the most important thing that is always an attraction for all who see. For years people have noticed the changes in the singer’s body shape.

In 2002, she had a healthy and slim body. But a few years later her weight began to rise and finally in 2006, her body looked no longer attractive and beautiful. But because of her awareness, she began to try to lose weight and it turned out she managed to show everyone that she could still look beautiful with a charming body. In 2009, when she appeared at the American Music Awards, she showed her self as a slimmer and sexier figure. Furthermore, in 2011 and 2012 she managed to reduce her weight to 30 pounds.

Then after she is pregnant and gives birth to her first child, her weight gain returns to her nature. Of course, this is a necessity that cannot be prevented. After the birth of her daughter in 2014, Kelly Clarkson experienced weight gain and she was later reported to be missing on the tv screen.

It was not unreasonable, she was not afraid because her body was getting heavier, but she was preparing time for her second child and wrote her eighth album “Meaning of Life”, which was later released in 2017.

However, in an interview, Kelly Clarkson said that she had autoimmune diseases and thyroid problems that had existed since 2006. During this time, Kelly’s body changed erratically, sometimes gaining weight, sometimes decreasing, hair loss, even damage skin. She thought that if she had to change her diet and switch to a healthy diet, this is where Kelly Clarkson found her diet method called “Kelly Clarkson weight loss Diet”, something extraordinary.

Kelly Clarkson Weight Loss Diet

One time Kelly Clarkson read “The Plant Paradox by Steven R. Gundry” and she said it was successful with the writing in losing weight. She said “this might not work for you but it works for me” and went on to say that she was 37 pounds lighter. According to her, this is not a weight problem, but she is no longer dependent on drugs.

The main principle in the book “The Plant Paradox” is to find hidden dangers in foods that are said to be healthy. Usually, Americans are looking for gluten-free food to undergo a healthy diet. However, Dr.Gundry’s, it is not gluten which is dangerous but lectins are present and it causes inflammation in the body. Lectins are the cause of problems such as diabetes, leaky intestines, autoimmune diseases, heart disease, neurodegenerative disease, etc. The book also provides solutions to problems:

  • Peel and remove veggies because the skin and seeds contain more lectins,
  • Eat seasonal fruit, fruit contains less lectin when it is fully cooked,
  • Consumption of white rice, stay away from brown rice because bran contains a lot of lectins, and this causes the stomach to become uncomfortable.

If you want to join Kelly Clarkson Weight Loss, see the following Plant Paradox Diet:

Breakfast(7:45 a.m.) 1 boiled egg +  1 cup of A2 milk + ½ small avocado
Mid-Morning(10:30 a.m.) ½ cup any seasonal fruit (ripe, peeled, and seeded)
Lunch(12:45 p.m.) Pasture-raised meat curry + 1 cup white rice
Snack(3:30 p.m.) 1 celery stalk with balsamic vinegar
Dinner(6:00 p.m.) Mushroom + broccoli + seeded tomato + peeled and seeded cucumber + spinach salad with vinegar and olive oil dressing


How is it, Do you find your own idea? Avoid consuming A1 milk, and other dairy products. Avoid nuts, legumes and cook food well before consuming it.

If you are a vegetarian, I think it is very difficult to follow this diet. However, if you have decided on this, you don’t need to exercise in the gym. You just have to exercise at home just by walking or jogging.

Is it enough to adjust the diet as above? No, you also have to pay attention to the points below about lifestyle changes, do it gradually:

  • Avoid all kinds of unhealthy foods
  • Control your portion of food, however delicious it is,
  • Avoid consuming alcohol,
  • Keep your body hydrated,
  • Eat food on time,
  • Always active, like exercising or dancing,
  • Enough rest,
  • Eliminate stress by recreation or playing in a beautiful garden.

That’s a little review of Kelly Clarkson Weight Loss, hopefully it can inspire you to lose weight. Rest assured that a fat body is not a healthy sign but can be a sign of being unhealthy. Always be a diet, exercise, keep the body active and avoid unhealthy foods.

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