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For those of you who want to lose weight, try being a vegetarian because vegetables are a healthy food that is good for losing weight and increasing energy. In this article, we will share a list of low calorie vegetables that are good for weight loss.

You might have a bad experience with vegetables, but this time not because these vegetables are delicious on the tongue and are good for cutting calories and body fat. However, all of this also depends on how you prepare your food.

Even more impressive is that the list of healthy vegetables is low in calories. When your taste likes these tasty and healthy vegetables, your hips will also become slim and he will thank you very much for making him healthy.

There are two important things to note when you consume low-calorie vegetables. First: You will experience full longer and second: you will always get enough energy supply. So, this is a good alternative for those of you who are taking a diet program to lose weight.

Best Low-Calorie Vegetables for Weight Loss

Vegetables are healthy foods that are full of antioxidants, fiber, minerals, and vitamins, so it’s very good to support a diet to lose weight. For this reason, we have prepared 25 vegetables that are low in calories and have a delicious taste and are a favorite of many people.

Ok, let’s just see what low-calorie vegetables are good for losing your weight.

1. Zucchini/baby marrows

Zucchini is my favorite vegetable, it does not have a strong taste and is certainly very beneficial for health. This is a very famous Italian food to America. For those who like to eat spaghetti, maybe Zucchini or baby marrows can be an alternative as a substitute for your spaghetti, this is really low in calories and helps you lose weight.

The number of calories is estimated to be only 33 calories for one cup of Zucchini sliced. Of course, you can eat a lot because it’s low in calories and doesn’t need to be afraid at all.

2. Cucumber

This is one of my favorite foods. Cucumber is not only good for removing swollen eyes but is very good for daily snacks that can be useful for digestion and reduce your weight naturally. The cucumber is a nutrient-rich vegetable such as vitamin B, vitamin C, Zinc, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, folic acid, and iron.

Cucumber is also good for removing bad breath. To be able to reach 100 calories, you have to eat a lot of cucumbers around 6 cups of sliced cucumber.

3. Carrots

Carrots have been famous since the past. About 5000 years ago, carrots were present in paintings that symbolize valuable vegetables. Know why? It turns out that carrots can contain a number of nutrients such as high in vitamin A, even one carrot is said to be better than taking vitamin A supplements. Vitamin A functions for various organ activities and one of them is healthy eyes. Half a cup of carrots only contains 30 calories, so you don’t have to be afraid to consume carrots, besides being low in calories they can also reduce your weight due to high fiber.

4. Gem squash

low-calorie vegetable

Furthermore, a low-calorie vegetable that is good for losing weight is squash. Not many people know that this vegetable is very beneficial. This is a family from pumpkin plants, but the shape is round and not large. Squash is the best source of vitamin A, vitamin C, and magnesium. If you want to get calories from this fruit, you have to eat one half of a squash, this is equivalent to a piece of bread.

5. Mushrooms

who is not familiar with this one vegetable, mushrooms are foods that are very liked and have a nice and sweet taste. Who would have thought these vegetables turned out to be low in calories. For a two-cup portion, it only contains 30 calories. Mushrooms are also a source of vitamins if they have been exposed to the sun. Put mushrooms in your daily diet list to balance nutrition and prevent weight gain.

6. Bell peppers

Bell pepper is a vegetable that is famous for its high antioxidants and is available in a variety of colors. The shape is large and like a lotus but crispy and good for making a compliment in vegetable dishes. Usually, bell peppers are used as a flavor enhancer. You can include it in the daily vegetable list because it is very low in calories.

The number of bell peppers calories is very little. The size of 100 grams only contains 20 calories.

7. Broccoli

Broccoli is a magical vegetable that you must consume. Regular consumption of broccoli can reduce cholesterol, lose weight, fight cancer, as an anti-inflammatory, and increase immunity.

To be able to get 100 calories, you have to multiply this food, at least you have to eat around 300 grams. Besides being delicious, broccoli is good for your beauty. Half of the body beauty lies in consuming this magical vegetable.

8. Baby spinach

Even though it’s called “baby spinach”, it’s a vegetable that’s high in nutrition and low or even free of calories. One of the many nutrients in it is iron.

9. Swiss Chard

These delicious vegetables are commonly used in Mediterranean food. Swiss chard is high in vitamin A, and it is said to be a calorie-free vegetable.

10. Kale

Kale may sound very appalling recently as a nutrient-rich green vegetable. Now, he is a fashionable vegetable that has been loved a lot. No wonder you like it, it turns out that it is low in calories and good for losing weight. Kale is also famous as a super healthy food for anyone. Besides being low in calories, it is also high in fiber and fat-free. One cup only contains 30 calories.

11. Cauliflower

Cauliflower is the same vegetable like broccoli, it’s only white and green broccoli. These low-calorie vegetables also have the same content as broccoli, including the number of calories. It’s just that, for some people, cauliflower is prettier and cleaner 🙂

12. Cabbage

To consume cabbage you don’t need to cook it. The best way to consume cabbage is to steam it or eat it directly. This vegetable is similar to lettuce which is often made as fresh vegetables. This includes low-calorie vegetables, in 100 grams only contains 25 calories.

13. Lettuce

Lettuce that is often used as vegetables is apparently included in the list of vegetables that are low in calories and very good as a diet food to lose weight. It contains nutrients such as potassium and is very high in fiber.

14. Artichokes

Artichokes low calorie vegetables

Artichokes are vegetables in the form of beautiful flowers, but you should not be fooled because they are not flowers like in your garden but vegetables are low in calories and rich in nutrients. Consuming these vegetables is good for losing weight and reducing bad cholesterol. There are only 47 calories in 100 grams. This is very classy and is known as a super vegetable, from artichokes cooked with oil or fried.

15. Celery

Another vegetable that is low in calories and good for losing weight is celery. When consumed by dipping it in peanut butter, it is quite crunchy and tempting. Celery including vegetables is good and good for treating insomnia because it can reduce anxiety.

So, if you can’t sleep at night, try chewing celery. If you want more delicious, try making celery + beans + jam and raisins. This will really touch your taste.

16. Eggplant/Aubergine

Purple eggplant is a delicious vegetable if served in soupy dishes. But if you cook it with oil, it will be different. Purple eggplant is a vegetable low in calories and good for your diet. In 100 grams only contains 35 calories. It includes popular dishes among Mediterranean dishes. Besides being low in calories, eggplant is also high in fiber which is good for digestive health.

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17. Garlic

Garlic is a traditional herb that offers various benefits. This herb is almost always used in various dishes. It’s not complete if there is no seasoning from garlic in the dish. This is the reason garlic is called a vegetable.

The benefits not only add to the taste of the cuisine but also provide benefits for various health complaints. Do you have flu, fungal infections and so on? Just eat garlic, the disease will heal soon. Garlic contains vitamin C, manganese, vitamin B6, and antioxidants. If you consume or chew garlic, then don’t forget to eat cucumbers to get rid of bad breath.

Garlic is a pungent spice, how to eat? If you can’t eat directly, we have a trick for you to be able to consume garlic. Try to cut it into fine or small pieces, and mix it into your food (rice, corn, etc.), eat your rice and chopped garlic mixed with rice.

18. Leeks

Furthermore, low-calorie vegetables are leeks, does this sound like grass, ooh no …! These are also vegetables which are usually added to an omelet. Leeks are the best source of vitamin K and some other great benefits. Consuming good leeks to maintain your body’s nutritional needs without having to get fat.

Leeks include delicious food and delicious addition to vegetable dishes. But you do not need to eat a lot because in 100 grams of leeks contain 60 calories.

19. Pumpkin

When talking about pumpkin, there are unique facts around it. The name “pumpkin” only appeared when the Cinderella story was made. Before this story in 1700, the pumpkin was called “Gros Melons”. However, if you watch Cinderella stories you don’t find them consuming a lot of these foods, it seems they ignore the fiber content and other nutrients :).

In 1 cup of pumpkin contains about 40 calories.

20. Spring Onion

These low-calorie vegetables are good for digestive health, increase body immunity and control blood sugar levels. Onions provide added flavor and addiction to various dishes. It is very low in calories, in 100 grams only contains about 32 calories.

21. Radishes

Radish is a vegetable that has long been known to treat various diseases including treating jaundice and removing cholesterol and fat and losing weight. Radish has a crunchy texture and is very low in calories. In 100 grams only contains 16 calories. If you want to get rid of fat, try putting radish in your daily diet list.

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22. Tomatoes

Actually, this is a fruit, but better known as vegetables. For that, we put tomatoes in a list of low-calorie vegetables.

Taking tomatoes regularly can reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease. The best way to consume tomatoes is to make tomato juice. One-half cup of tomato juice contains about 30 calories. Preferably, for those of you who are always healthy consume one cup of tomato juice every day.

23. Shallots

These are other vegetables that are similar to onions but have a stronger taste and usually grow in garlic environments.

Shallots are rich in nutrients such as lavonols and polyphenolics and are low in calories. In 100 grams it contains 70 calories.

24. Watercress

Who doesn’t like this green vegetable that grows in water. Besides its many nutritional values, it is also good for losing weight and is classified as a vegetable with a few calories. These vegetables usually grow in water or in damp, watery places.

Besides helping to reduce body fat, watercress is also good for treating asthma in children. The number of calories is so small that it is considered non-existent.

25. Arugula

Arugula is a popular vegetable with a very high antioxidant content. It has a slightly spicy taste and its benefits are very good for treating skin problems. This vegetable is also often become a complement in cooking because it provides additional flavor.

Speaking of calories in Arugula, this does not have it at all or calories free. So, if you like these vegetables, you can eat as much as possible and will not make your waist circle increase.