Sleeping Without a Pillow

Do you always need a pillow when you sleep? What if there are no pillows? Can you still rest well? Ok, in this article I will peel about sleeping without a pillow. Although some people do not like to sleep without a pillow, it turns out the benefits are very big for health. So, in this article we will write the health benefits of sleeping without a pillow, hopefully, it is useful.

How to Sleep Without a Pillow

If you want to sleep without a pillow, you have to know the first way so that you feel at home with your sleep. I am sure if you have never slept without a pillow, it will get tired and make you unsuccessful. So, one of the best ways is to do it slowly.

To succeed in changing habits, the first must be a commitment from you and then do it gradually. Because habits are very difficult to break unless you are patient in doing it gradually.

For the initial stage, you can replace the pillow with a folded towel. Furthermore, for a few days later, you can fold the towel thinner so that you really don’t need a head stopper.

Furthermore, the thing to note is the ability to adjust the neck to the floor. For this, do light exercise every morning when you wake up in the morning or want to sleep at night by stretching your neck. Do it regularly

Health Benefits of Sleeping without a Pillow

1. Prevent Back Pain

Abnormal posture makes the spine problematic and abnormal. Sleeping on a pillow tends to make bones not in his position so that this should be a concern for everyone. You sleep on foam pillows, fiber or fur tend to experience damage over time and this is even worse for your health and further adds to the suffering of the spine.

2. Prevent Headaches

One of the causes of headaches is a pillow that is used at night to sleep. If you experience a headache when you wake up and find no other cause then the pillow is the suspect. If so, try to sleep one night without a pillow in your head, and feel whether your headache is cured?

The reason: Sleeping with a pillow can cause blood flow to the head to be blocked and can cause a lack of oxygen to the head which triggers unusual headaches.

3. Straighten the Spine

One of the benefits of sleeping without a pillow is to straighten the bone structure. Did you know that your daily activities can cause damaged bone structures from normal forms. So, sleep is an opportunity to repair and restore all the damage. So, not using a pillow while sleeping can align bones, improve the shape and minimize the risk of bad bones.

4. Handle Neck Pain

The correct sleeping position is able to keep the spine straight and parallel to the head. But most pillows do not provide this benefit. Precisely the pillow makes the head go up or down. Using a feather pillow is very bad because it does not maintain stability and keep moving while you sleep. This makes your neck go up and your head down and your spine down.

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If you don’t use a pillow, your head will rest in its normal position (straight or parallel to the spine). This position will prevent nerve damage and damage. In addition, using a pillow that is too soft can prevent the smooth flow of blood to the brain.

5. Increase Energy

Scientifically there are many factors that support the benefits of sleeping without pillows to increase energy. One of them is preventing neck and spinal pain which might occur if you use an improper pillow. A good sleep without a pillow will be the best moment to optimally replenish the body’s energy. In addition, another benefit is providing quality sleep for you so that an increase in energy can certainly be obtained.

6. Reducing Stress

If you sleep in the wrong position because you use a pillow, you will wake up often because your rest is disturbed. If this happens, your health will be disrupted and you experience stress. So, there are no benefits that you get sleep makes you stressed.

Stress is a mental disorder that can give birth to many other diseases both mental and physical diseases. For that, you have to sleep without using pillows to reduce stress. In addition, once you can reduce stress levels, the quality of your sleep increases.

7. Reducing anxiety and depression

Try to notice when you wake up early, do you feel comfortable or difficult. If you feel troubled when you wake up like anxious, this is the impact of poor quality sleep. One of the causes of your bad sleep is the mistake of using a pillow.

If your sleep is interrupted, your memory can also be disrupted, concentration and some other cognitive tasks.

Try sleeping without using a pillow for several days and see how it works.