Things to Love About Chickens

The thing that should be loved from chickens. Chickens are adorable animals for some people and being animals makes it difficult for others. I once dried the rice in the yard and then rolled it into rice, every time I dried the rice, the chickens always came to eat it, and I chased it and even threw it, but when I was a little away from that place, the chicken came again to eat our rice. Very annoying, sometimes I think this is the last time raising chickens, it’s better not to have chicken than to be angry just because of the chicken.

There are other things I don’t like about chicken. I am a farmer, I plant a lot of corn, plant spinach plants, and others. Chickens are very disturbing, they sometimes like to look for food on corn and spinach can sometimes damage crops. I sometimes think I should sell or slaughter these chickens to be safe from their disturbances. If they are not there, surely my plants will not disturb anyone. Maybe this is the time for me to consume the chicken that I maintain myself. However, despite all that, there are good things that can be obtained from chickens and this is sometimes amazing and makes many people love chicken. Here are 10 Things to Love About Chickens.

1. Smart bird

Research has shown that clever birds or clever birds are chicken. Why? Chicken can solve the problem completely, he knows the causes and effects of something. Chickens can also plan for the future, this is truly amazing. Little chicks, if we hide an object, they know that the object is still there. In humans, this intelligence arises when the age of 6 months, but in chicken intelligence already exists when the chicken age two days. Chickens can know the number of their own children, if there is one missing, they will try to find and make a big voice.

2. Head of the Class

Chickens are very good teachers for their children. Since it was still in the egg, the mother hen taught her children the call. In addition, the hen also teaches how to find good food and how to avoid grains that are harmful to them.

There are other unique things, chicken mimics the behavior of other chickens that are more dominant in their environment. There is a personality like that, chickens that have low status will follow the dominant chicken, this is like there is a level of knowledge between them.

3. Chickens Should Wear Shades

Humans have eyes with three retinal cones in them. This will distinguish between colors such as blue, red and green. However, chickens have more so they can feel and capture many colors. Chickens can also distinguish between violet and ultraviolet colors. Uniquely, chickens are quicker to see the morning light, this is an hour before humans can see it. Roosters crow early in the morning to wake humans or give a sign that the morning has appeared.

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4. Sweet Dreams

Chickens are one creature that experiences REM sleep. This means they also experience dreams like humans. What do they think they will dream about? They must dream of happiness with their families, long life dreams or dreams of living safely and free of danger. They could also dream about playing with their idol roosters.

5. Birds bathe in dust

Bathing is something very pleasant especially if it’s a dust bath. Chicken is the only bird that bathes dust. Maybe if you see dust bathing birds, this is very strange and funny. But the habit of bathing dust in chickens is something that is pleasing to him and this is not of no use. It’s not strange when you see humans doing mud baths. Dust Bath can clean chicken feathers, remove, insects and parasites.

6. Mother Hens

Why do we call it “mother hens”, there is a philosophy behind this? Chickens are a good parent to their children long before their children are born. The mother bro has talked to her children when they are still in the eggshell. The hen is a loving parent. They look for food for their children and protect their children in danger. Even humans can take lessons from the life of chickens. One mother hen can take care of dozens of her children, but dozens of children may not be able to look after their mother.

7. Size Does Matter

In looking for a partner, a little rooster does the dance in front of the female. This is called “tidbitting”, the cock moves its head and rotates to look for attention from the hen. It turns out that this chicken behavior was also found in humans. Let us note, many women like men who are good at dancing. Not only that, but the hen also gives greater attention to the rooster that has larger wattles. Wattles are pieces that dangle below the chicken’s beak. Maybe in humans, this is a beard and it is proven that many women like bearded men.

8. White chickens can jump and even fly

Chickens are clever animals and they are even athletic. Chickens are more athletic as you think. Why? they can run up to 9 miles in just an hour. Chickens can also fly but not as long as birds, they can jump over fences, fly to pet.

9. What is the Cluck?

Communication tools on chickens are very complex even they have 30 types of calls including alarm calls. There are special calls for children, to call partners, to give warnings from middle age or to alarm. Even if you are friends for a long time with chickens, you will see the difference between “cluck” and “cluuuck.” Unique isn’t it!