Health Benefits of Fish Oils

Fish Oils Health Benefits – Fish oil is oil processed from fat in fish. The fish that becomes sources of fish oil are mackerel, herring, tuna, salmon and sardines, and some other deep-sea fish species.

Fish oil is very attractive for consumption, because by nutritionists that fish oil contains two types of essential nutrients is DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid), both of which are types of Omega 3 which are essential for health.

Health experts say that the fatty fish that produces fish oil is better for health than white fish. But this is not entirely scientifically proven.

Some people confuse fish oil and cod liver oil. Both types of different oils for fish oil in the capture and processing of deepwater fish such as tuna, herring, sardines, and salmon. While cod liver oil is taken from the cod liver. Fish oil contains omega-3 fatty amount more than the cod liver oil. But there is a shortage of fish oil that is low in vitamin A and vitamin D.

The Health Benefits of Fish Oils

Based on research over the past ten years revealed that fish oil contains a lot of health benefits. That is why fatty fish from the sea to be accompanied in your diet.

Here are some health benefits of fish oils you must understand as taken from various sources.

1. Multiple sclerosis

Fish oil beneficial for MS patients. But there are also empirically conducted by researchers from the University Hospital in Bergen; Norway found that the benefits of fish oil are not related to MS, so it does not help people who have MS.

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2. Prostate Cancer

The health benefits of fish oil for prostate cancer. A person suffering from prostate cancer can be helped with fish oil. It is said that fish oil reduces the progression of prostate cancer when they follow a low-fat diet.

In a study in the publication in the journal “National Cancer Institute” found that omega 3 oils may enhance the risk of prostate cancer.

4. Beneficial for mental health

A study conducted in 2007 states that fish oil to be useful for problems related to behavior. The study involved children for eight weeks. They were given 8-16 grams of EPA and DHA every day. The result is surprising where they show a rapid development to their behavior.

5. Benefits for recall

Omega-3 fatty acids as many found in fish oils affect the brain work in healthy adults. These are the results published in the journal PLoS One (October 2012 issue).

Benefits of fish oil seem to improve cognitive function in the elderly is less favorable. So fish oils work optimally in improving the memory of children and healthy adults.

6. Benefits for the heart

Furthermore, the health benefits of fish oil are very noticeable on heart health. Omega 3 fatty acid is said to be able to protect the heart of the problem of stress or mental fatigue.

Taking fish oils supplements on a regular basis for more than a month is said to be decreased mental distress compared to those who did not consume.

7. Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

A statement that has lasted several years ago saying that eating oily fish regularly can prevent a person from Alzheimer attack.

8. Prevent blurry eyes

The health benefits of fish oils for the eyes. As a Canadian study that consuming foods that contain enough DHA can prevent someone from loss of vision associated with age.

9. Epilepsy

A study in the publication in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry 2014 epilepsy said that patients who consumed fish oil in small doses (daily) may reduce the frequency of seizures.

The findings are said to be very useful for patients who do not work and no longer respond to the drug.

10. Benefits of fish oils for fetal

Consuming omega three is very helpful for improving cognitive and motor in a fetus.

Results of research conducted by the University of Laval states that pregnant women who consume omega-3 fatty acids during pregnancy, especially in the third trimester of pregnancy can increase the sensory, motor and cognitive fetus.